What was that?!

The park bench is moving

No, a man

A big grizzly man

With glazy eyes

Walking towards me

Shoot! Shoot! shoot!

I should have listened to my friends

Telling me not to go out at 5 am

But it’s so early

.. or so late

No one around

Still dark

Stupid stupid stupid!


Walk calmly

Throw back hood to increase peripheral vision

Head phones out

Can I use them as a cord?


Flight, fight, or freeze?

Stand still and scream?

Hold breath and run?

I’m not a screamer

Might be a runner

Definitely a freezer

And fight? You must be kidding

My black belt is an expired joke

Can’t look over my shoulder

Or break into a run

Cuz then

The chase is on, right?

But I don’t now if he’s miles away

Or breathing down my neck

Pray pray pray

Don’t want to be in the news today

I look over my shoulder

He’s back there

Far away now

By the park bench



I’ll stop going for these reckless walks at 5 am




It’s getting too cold anyway



Sigh,  the thing is,  I Relish my walks at dawn. Though I don’t want to stupidly invite my death, these walks…they just fill me up with life.


How dare you

violenceToday is the international day for the elimination of violence against women.This is the voice I wish women could find in themselves.

I find it shocking that anyone could harm a woman at all, let alone a pregnant woman. Is there anything more sacred than a pregnant woman?

yet shockingly, the number one cause of death for pregnant women, at least in one study, was violence! See below



How dare you

Raise your hand to me

How dare you

Touch a hair




On my  coiffed head!

my hairdo!

Do you think

That I am scared?




You say

You didn’t mean it

You say it

Like I care




The first time

Is the hardest

So you’ll surely

again dare




You lost me

Before it landed

Your fist

still in mid-air




You touched me once

That was our end

Touch me again

You’ll end I swear



And do you know how much I paid to get my hair done?

Stupid bully💪🏻



Ghosting Smoke


I recently read a blog entry on “ghosting”, a phenomenon I didn’t know about.. I think it’s  when a person deliberately disappears from your life. Painful.  I imagined the writer’s feelings..and came up with this.

ghosting loves..

disappearing acts..

gone in a whiff of smoke..



I hold back tears

that clog my throat

feel like I’m going to choke





a broken heart?

My love life is a joke




But hope..

it springs eternal

next love, a luck of stroke







image retrieved from : smoke

Diamond Sun Heart

To all the people who tell me of their broken hearts,

be it broken by your partner, parent, child, friend..

Your heart is stronger than to ever truly be broken.

I give you this poem.

Give it to yourself.



I thought

I was broken forever

My heart lost and ruined and gone

But that was before knowing

My heart’s strength,

and then it dawned

My heart was not of glass or stone

But something ever more strong

A brilliant blinding diamond that

Shines more when cut or wronged

As sweet as your breath

As dark as your spell

As seductive the threads you’ve spun

Have you ever heard

Of a blow of breath

To put out the light of the sun?

Who are “THEY”?


Please, someone tell me

Enlighten me

Please explain to me

Who are “THEY”?



And why do we all

Care so much


What they will say?



Do they sit

In mighty towers,

And write rules

Night and day?



Who selected them?

Who put them on

The committee, anyway?



Come here

Come close

A secret..

I’ll tell you who they are..



They’re me and you

Backstabbers too

This joke has gone too far



By following,

Their silly rules

You’ll never be the star



Just do your thing

Just find your way

And just be who you are


Wid Kattan

Image retrieved from: old nightmares that don’t scare me anymore

Radical Authenticity

Breast Cancer


My friend Nour Albar battled breast cancer and passed away in 2015. There are so many people who have more right to miss her than I do, but I think there is enough empty space left by her passing for us all to share.


You and I

We are sisters


Walking parallel paths

That sometimes magically cross

Both top of the class

Both chose psychiatry

Both accepted at McGill

Both had a “Mariam”



Our recognition was instant

I have no doubt we were kindred spirits

In another life

Yet you were always better than me

Ahead of me

Proud of you,

I tried to catch up

Follow in your footsteps

Make you proud too

But I never thought

You’d pick up speed so fast

So soon

All the way to the finish line

And to heaven



We’ve met in two cities

In two lives

I hope to see you in the next

So we can finally

Just sit together

And talk

Like soulmates

Like sisters

Hoping to join you when my time’s up too.



Visit Noor’s blogs and pray for her:





الله يرحمك يا نور ويرفع درجتك في عليين و يجمعنا في الغرفات آمنين

Don’t Ban my Sanctuary


There is a lot of talk about banning mosques and surveying Muslims in North America. Please, Don’t ban my sanctuary.


Do you know what a sanctuary is?

It’s a door that squeaks

And stairs that creak

Under the weight of your feet



Bare walls

A curtain torn

Mismatched carpets

Threadbare and worn



An open window

That lets in the breeze

And bird song

But keeps out the world’s cruelty

A mattress in the corner

And running water



A place named after a woman

Aisha..meaning: a woman alive

A place for women only

To shed their layers

…and their tears



This is my mosque

Where I wandered one day

Because I needed walls to cover my  raw open wounds

Where I doubled over on the ground;

The mattress was too high

Wondering if I’d ever breathe normally again

Where I fell asleep

Something I had not done in days

And woke up to the sound of my own laughter

And the fading image of a silly face in my dreams

(I have a weakness for silly faces 😝)



This is my sanctuary

And heartbreakingly,

It was labeled on google maps

As a terrorist center


I guess that makes me a terrorist


When my world tipped over its axis

This “center”

“centered” me


Image retrieved from: my sanctuary


My Veil



Let me get this straight
I can cover my head..
If I’m a surgeon,
cancer patient,
Or a bride
In sports like diving,
Or fencing..
Hair can hide
But I can’t veil it
Cuz I’m modest
…or just shy?
You say:
it’s for your freedom
But you lie!!
Come on
Admit it
But look me in the eye
It’s about the
“Them” versus  “Us”
The great divide
When you strip off her clothes
You are liberating her?!
No! her liberty
Is letting in her decide!
Go ahead. Strip her
And you’ll see defiance
You’ll know her pride                          Wid Kattan
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Outer Layers

My Turqoise


I’m no one’s pink silhouette

Tired of society’s etiquette

I have a name and a face

I have a voice, yeah you bet


I’m going to walk tall again

I’m going to wear my turquoise blue

I couldn’t care any less

If it’s too bright for the likes of you


See, I’ve tried to conform

Tried to curtesy, smile and twirl

But I have to stand up for me

And more so for my baby girl


For she will do as I do

Kids never do as you say

And I’ll teach her to be true

To her true colors all the way


Mimi, I’m so excited for you to find your own turquoise.

Love, Mama.                                     Wid Kattan



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The Woman Who Stands Before You


Let me tell you something about me

About the type of woman who stands before you

I’m a straight-arrow one

A no-nonsense one

A loyal one- to the bone
Don’t take my kindness for seduction

Nor My smile as invitation

If you make that mistake

…your loss

You’ll lose what I was willing to offer for free
Not my body

Something much more valuable to you

If only you knew

I’d have given you light and wisdom and warmth and safety

And a rare kindness

I’d have taught you all I know
All you had to do

Was show some respect

For my boundaries

My values

For who I am                                    Wid Kattan

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