This hat (or veil) may be the most prominent one to you. It’s how the world today defines me. Yet to me, it’s a piece of clothing I use to cover a part of my body that I consider private. Who is to decide that for a woman? Can you deny the beauty of a woman’s hair? of the curve of her throat? the line of her neck?

This veil to me also represents my spirituality. My relationship with God. My most significant relationship. I am willing to forsake all others if need be, not this one, forever, ever present, ever constant, immortal relationship. So, in that sense, this veil is my most important hat. When my hats are all in conflict and lopsided, I align them according to this one. It’s the one I live for, and the one I’d willingly die for, in order to keep firmly on my head and wrapped around my heart.





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