You and I, we are unique. No point in being all modest about it. Accept the miracle of it, scary as it may be. I think we are born knowing this, then forget along the way, as we are molded into other people’s dreams and pressured to conform. So, it becomes a quest, to reconnect and rediscover who you are. I will share with you under this hat, some of my most personal discoveries on this quest. Here is one. Please do not comment on this one poem. It’s sacred to me.

I sat


And did something I haven’t done in a long, long time

I said to myself:


Hello Wid


No answer

Where are you?

Where am I?

I sat and sat, searching,

Finally, I found me

Huddled in a corner

In the crevices of my heart

Wearing rusty rollerblades

So lonely

So young

Nineteen to be exact


I miss you

I’m sorry I haven’t come to see you

Or ask how you’ve been doing

I stroke her hair, mine, short like a boy’s, fairy -like

She’s guarded

I say: I wont demand anything from you this time

I swear

I’m sorry I’ve pushed you so hard

Can I sit with you?

Visit with you?

Please, I’m lost

can you remind me what I liked to do?

It’s a faint whisper, but with some hope

And  I remember..

We loved to rollerblade, and paint in watercolors, and write, and ride horses, and sit alone on the garden swing

That was my favorite place to cry

I cry now  for myself

though that childhood swing

that swing my father pushed so high,we squealed with terrified laughter

is gone

As is he

I have to go

But let’s stay in touch

I won’t be so hard on you any more

I promise

Remind me how to be me

With your wise innocence

Forgive me

I love you

I wid you

“Wid” is an Arabic word that means the strongest kind of love


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