Irvin Yalom is an existential psychotherapist. He teaches that the amount of one’s death anxiety correlates with the amount of unlived life.
Can you live with integrity? in a way, that is aligned with your deepest beliefs and values? 
Can you always make sure that the most important thing is in fact “the most important thing”?
Can you keep your eyes on the prize?
If you can, then you have a chance that when death comes, you might be able to say: Huh. So, this is the it. So be it. There’s not much I’d change about how I lived my life anyway, and not much I’d change about the rest of my days either.
And that, my friends, would be an amazing way to go.


Type A vs B


I’ve always been an A

Though I love the letter B

Fewer edges, softer curves

And closer to the C 🏖

Sure, As are full of drive

Aggression to succeed

But Bs are so relaxed

At their not-so-break-neck speed

As climb up and up and up

To reach the lonely top. ⛰

Where Bs will smell the roses 🌹

Laze around, just breathe and stop

It’s true that in the end

As make a lot of money 💰

But Bs build hives and lives

Bs make our homes 🏡 and honey  🍯


Sometimes we hesitate so much, between two choices, not realizing that by doing nothing, we actually make a choice. We choose the Third Choice. Often the worst choice. We choose to lose both initial options, and sometime, ourselves.


One foot

on either side

Of the great divide

That is gaping

ever wide

I must decide

Which side?

For to hesitate

Is to fall through

To hesitate

Is suicide



Wid Kattan


How dare you

violenceToday is the international day for the elimination of violence against women.This is the voice I wish women could find in themselves.

I find it shocking that anyone could harm a woman at all, let alone a pregnant woman. Is there anything more sacred than a pregnant woman?

yet shockingly, the number one cause of death for pregnant women, at least in one study, was violence! See below



How dare you

Raise your hand to me

How dare you

Touch a hair




On my  coiffed head!

my hairdo!

Do you think

That I am scared?




You say

You didn’t mean it

You say it

Like I care




The first time

Is the hardest

So you’ll surely

again dare




You lost me

Before it landed

Your fist

still in mid-air




You touched me once

That was our end

Touch me again

You’ll end I swear



And do you know how much I paid to get my hair done?

Stupid bully💪🏻


Study: http://www.webmd.com/baby/news/20010320/number-1-cause-of-death-in-pregnant-women-murder

Pop the Bubbles


I work in Women’s Mental Health. I see depressed mothers all the time. What amazes me is the isolation and shame these women live in, each in her lonely bubble-the borders of which are an illusion. In reality, each woman  is connected to all the other mothers around her who feel the same. But they are all too ashamed and too afraid to say it: I’m not happy. I don’t feel anything for this baby. I feel irritated with this baby. I feel like a terrible mother, a failure. I just want to sleep….. I just want my life back.

So, this is my message to them, my own confession:


Pop the bubbles

Prison cells

Let them coalesce

Join our hands

Share the space

So we suffer less




Tell the truth:

When baby cries

I want to run away

To my old life

To my old self

Admit: don’t want to stay




Here’s a secret

So well hidden

Really, it’s ok

We’re just too guilty

Scared to say

We all felt the same way




‘Til we get help

And find ourselves

And love ourselves again

Then love our children

enjoy them too

Just how it should have been


Wid Kattan

Note: perinatal depression affects around 15% of mothers. That’s not a small number. It could happen to anyone. It as nothing to do with the quality of who you are, and has nothing to do with how much you truly love your child.

Image: http://www.todaysparent.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/TP01_AOH_Article.jpg

Dr.Captain Awesome-Pants


OK, all psychiatrists know that grandiosity is a defence mechanism to protect oneself from their fears. Well, I’m terrified of failing my licensing  exam, and I shamelessly admit that I am choosing GRANDIOSITY as a defence to get me through. Friends, I need all the support I can get here, so please like if you think I can pass this test!

L, thank you for telling me to tell myself to be Doctor Captain Awsome-Pants!

I love it. your pep talk today, inspired this poem.

This poem recounts medical algorithms and rules In The Style Of poetry

You know what’s coming up?

My practical exam

In all of med and surgery

It’s really time to cram




It’s not an easy one, this one

But I think I stand a chance

If I tell myself that I will be

Doctor Captain Awesome-Pants




It’s been long since I really did

Full head to toe exams

But I’m going to do my best that day

So here it is, my plan:




I won’t say: please call Trauma!

Right now! fast as can be!

Cuz who’s the trauma team, Wid?

Oh shoot! I guess it’s me




What types of bleeding are there?

I won’t forget, I won’t!

There’s bleeding you can see

And bleeding that you don’t




What shocks kill trauma patients?

Those that bleed or will obstruct

Compress, reduce, or tournequet

Chest tubes, X-rays conduct



Glasgow, Apgars, ABCs

I’ve got them to the letter

If you are bleeding on the ground

Think I can make it better




Looks like appendicitis

If I have a tiny doubt

I’ll call Gen Surg, my brave old friends

And they will take it out




Wid, please remember, say your name

And smile and wash your hands

Explain what you are thinking

On patients’ right must stand




In every case, do vitals

Inspect, palpate, percuss

And auscultate, and be polite

And get the patients’ trust




Whatever case scenario

Play cool for goodness sake

As Captain Doctor Awesome-Pants

This quiz? A piece of cake



In The Style Of

Breast Cancer


My friend Nour Albar battled breast cancer and passed away in 2015. There are so many people who have more right to miss her than I do, but I think there is enough empty space left by her passing for us all to share.


You and I

We are sisters


Walking parallel paths

That sometimes magically cross

Both top of the class

Both chose psychiatry

Both accepted at McGill

Both had a “Mariam”



Our recognition was instant

I have no doubt we were kindred spirits

In another life

Yet you were always better than me

Ahead of me

Proud of you,

I tried to catch up

Follow in your footsteps

Make you proud too

But I never thought

You’d pick up speed so fast

So soon

All the way to the finish line

And to heaven



We’ve met in two cities

In two lives

I hope to see you in the next

So we can finally

Just sit together

And talk

Like soulmates

Like sisters

Hoping to join you when my time’s up too.



Visit Noor’s blogs and pray for her:

ِArabic:  http://drnooralbar.blogspot.ca/2014/01/blog-post.html

English: http://drnooralbar-english.blogspot.ca



الله يرحمك يا نور ويرفع درجتك في عليين و يجمعنا في الغرفات آمنين