Type A vs B


I’ve always been an A

Though I love the letter B

Fewer edges, softer curves

And closer to the C 🏖

Sure, As are full of drive

Aggression to succeed

But Bs are so relaxed

At their not-so-break-neck speed

As climb up and up and up

To reach the lonely top. ⛰

Where Bs will smell the roses 🌹

Laze around, just breathe and stop

It’s true that in the end

As make a lot of money 💰

But Bs build hives and lives

Bs make our homes 🏡 and honey  🍯


Upside down


One boy says to his brother:

Hey Moony Moony look!

I’m gonna do something that will make Mama gasp like this: ahhhhhhhh!


What’s with my boys

And upside down?

I get it’s smiles

And no more frowns

Only thing is

my mother’s heart

Which somersaults

Until they’re down

Can’t they just stand

Like normal kids

With both feet firmly

on the ground?!

Must they swing so high

while standing up

And must they land

With such a sound?

Can’t they just slide

From up to down

Instead of climbing

All around

Can’t they have mercy

On this heart

Know that their risks

Will make it pound

I swear I age

at least 10 years

with every trip


To our playing-ground

My secret world


I tiptoe into the house

sneak past my children playing in the living room

dash to my room and lock the door

I’m so so tired, you see. Today, I just can’t make the instant switch from doctor to mother. Babies died today at work. I soaked up a lot of tears. I’m so tired.

In my room, I kneel on the floor, then I lift my prayer rug, peeling it away from the ground..to reveal the trap door underneath (don’t tell. It’s a secret..what? you want to come and see? OK, just this once, then..come along)

I go down the steps that wind down down down in the twisted spiral of time. By the time it turns into a slide, I’m 19 again, and poof! I always love this part..I land onto a bed of feathers.. and bubbles rise to the sky when I arrive..for no reason other than that I wish it.

I throw myself back and spread my limbs, eyes closed. Can you smell the pine needles and forest? Can you hear the silence that’s not silent? that’s filled with birdsong, and rustling leaves and running water..and a distant music..it’s the flute. that would be my instrument if I had one.

Hello, Pegasus! you always greet me. The horse nuzzles me so I open one eye to peer up at him. What? enough laziness, you say? Do you have any idea what my day has been like? But Ok, lets go for a ride, let’s outrun my past..and push away my future for just a few moments longer..I already hear the banging on my bedroom door..the children are calling me … but I’m not ready to go back just yet.

I close my eyes against the wind, and let Pegasus lead. We fly above this Mystical world of mine.. The fairies race with us, the mermaids wave to us from the ocean below..I won’t have time to switch into a fairy or a mermaid today..but I promise myself I’ll be back soon for an extended visit with my friends. Oh, there’s Peter Pan! I wave back at him (ha! my sister will be jealous I got to see him).

Pegasus, always responsible, circles back-he loves my children you see,  though he only knows their laughter, and my stories of them. He lowers his head down to my bed of feathers. Reluctantly I slide off his back.. I open the trap door above me and imagine trudging back up up up my twisted stairwell of time.. it seems a long way back up to 32… but then I hear my children’s squealing laughter..hmm someone is being tickled.. I race up the steps full of new energy again..just in time to catch the game 🙂


My father and the sea


It’s such a gift to form a new image, or pretend to have a new memory of a loved one after they die.


30 years ago

My father stood alone

Gazing out at the sea

And someone wrote this about his meeting with Princess Diana:


I would not have understood then, his charm, his diplomacy, his loyalty

what he was saying

I was only 2


25 years ago..

I stood with my father (well, he stood, and my feet dangled over the wall I was sitting on)

Gazing out at that same sea

“Baba, I’m bored, what should I do?”

“Do what you’re doing”

“What am I doing?”

“Looking out at the sea”

“That’s doing something?” I asked puzzled

“Sure it is”

I ignored him and decided to do something “productive” (yes, I’ve had this obsessive streak for quite a while)

I pulled out my book: Basil the Great Mouse Detective, see?


Again, I did not understand what he was trying to teach me, about life, about time, about “being” rather than “doing”

I was only 7


But I’m starting to get it now

Starting to gather all his pearls

Strung along the seashore of our past

Lessons I am understanding

Only in retrospect

As I walk in his footsteps

which have been washed away by the tides

I’m starting to get it now

Who he was:

Just a man

Trying his best

to be a husband and father

Probably making it up

as he went along

Definitely making mistakes

as he went along

Just like me

Just like all of us


My children don’t get it now

But I’m sure they will


…or maybe 30

long-short years from now


I miss him 💔  and would love to gaze out at the sea with him one more time,

doing nothing….doing everything that matters.

Wid Kattan

Reference:The Diana Chronicles, Tina brown, 2007, page 271

If I Were a Disney Princess..


If I were a Disney princess..

I’d be..




I have walked backwards up an escalator (don’t ask)

Gotten caught in a revolving door (strangers rescued me)

Tend to bend down to pick up pens and other things I drop just in time to miss a signpost or an air conditioner protruding from a wall.

Got hit on the head (twice) by boom barriers at the entries of parking lots.

Once I waved my arms so wildly while talking at a restaurant that everyone at my table gasped. I thought they were excited by my story-telling skills, but no; they were looking at the poor terrified waitress behind me as she backed away instead of taking the risk of serving my soup.

I slip on the snow like it’s a type of sport I invented, I get lost more than your keys, and I’m forever looking for the glasses perched on my nose.

I usually have 3 choices in what I call my Goofy Situations:

A.Quickly check to see if anyone saw (they always do).

B. Pretend nothing happened and walk gracefully with my head held high. Can’t do it because what usually happens is:

C.I burst out laughing at myself, and drop something else, or fall again.

I Also cannot order delivery food on the phone, I have driving stories and cooking stories ( but no one has ever gotten hurt  in the passenger seat or at my kitchen table, you’ll be relieved to know, thank God)

But those are all stories..

goofy.pngfor other posts..

on other days..

A girl has to preserve some dignity.

Even if she is a Princess Goofy.

Wid Kattan

Image: http://www.wrlsweb.org/wonewoc/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/tiara-pic.jpg

Crossing-gaurd’s smile



The little things are the big things.

Whatever comes from the heart, touches others.

You never know which smile, or word or hello, will brighten up a day, or ease a heavy heart.

I think of all these things when I see the crossing guard at my children’s school.

Thank you Len!



Every day you stand

Help them cross the busy street

Bring them safely to the shore

On their busy kid-feet



Back and forth you walk

retrace your steps for miles

Across the intersection

Always sending out your smiles



Smiles that reach your  laughing eyes

And brighten up their days

And ease our parent-minds

In many many ways



Thank you!

Birthday Wish




My birthday’s coming up this May

I’d like a jelly Fish

or a mermaid tail

or fairy wings

it never hurts to wish




Or a unicorn or a pegasus

Or hair as blue as seas

Of shimmering waves

A waterfall

that tumbles to my knees




Although I’m shy to tell you

These are my favourite things

I’d love just a birthday wish

Or what your friendship brings




My favourite flowers

Are peonies

Of the softest

Pinkish white




My food

is peanut butter

I’ll savour

Every bite




My colour

is turquoise green

For my sore eyes

such a sight




My time of day

is dawn

Just at the break

of light




My city

is Madina

Home to

the Prophet’s flight




My perfume:

Hypnotic poison

Scent darker

than the night




I doubt that you’ll remember

But I’m hoping that you might

Send me a thought

Or gift or wish

I’ve helped you get it right 😉


Wid Kattan


Image: gelly fish



If the world had your Heart, Abdul


If the world..

had your heart, Abdul

What a place it would be..

So cool

You, who cried..

When you knew,

The Tasmanian Tiger

Was extinct before you..

Before you were ever born

But you cried for it

Soaked your pillow

“Why? Why did they kill them all?

They weren’t dangerous! They didn’t do anything!”

You who asked me once

With your hands on your shaking head

“How do people do this?

How do you steal something?

How do you kill someone?


You who wave at strangers and say

“See Mama,

It’s a game ..

you wave and see who waves back”

And people always wave back to you, my love

If only the world had you heart, Abdul

What a place it would be





The Tasmanian Tiger is believed to have been hunted to extinction in the 20th century. There is actually a video of the last one known to survive,  in the 20s I believe. Despite its official classification as extinct, sightings are still reported, though none has been conclusively proven.

It was a relatively shy, nocturnal creature, but a formidable predator. It was one of the rare marsupials where both the male and the female have a pouch that can protect the young.

Such a beautiful animal, so like you; merciful, shy, rare, caring-for-the-young  Abdulrahman (which in Arabic means servant of the All-Merciful ).

Maybe you’ll be the one to discover there are still some Tasmanian Tigers left. Maybe you’ll be the one to capture them on camera when you grow up to be a wild life photographer, like you say you want to be.

There is always hope. As long as there are hearts like yours Abdul, there is always hope.

Painting above retrieved from: the depths of my heart.

Poem and image published with the permission of : Abdulranman, 9


Hope Gone Viral

Halloween this morning

On our way to school this morning.

My son: Gasp! Mama!




I just saw..

a big tall man!

his face was eerie green!




Yes sweetie,

You’ll see strange things today

Today is Halloween




And there’s a girl!

with purple eyes!

a purple mouth!

and long black cape!




and there’s a gargoyle!

with it’s horns!

scary stuff in town

There’s no escape




From the grade-one-ers

to the high-schoolers

to the principal

of the school




Who was dressed

as the frosty snow queen

her lips blue

and gaze so cool




And they’re all

just getting started

it’s not yet

8 a.m!




What will happen

I wonder

when night falls?

when they all break loose?



I need more coffee..



Image:  https://goo.gl/images/njUIq1



Mama Bear


Please don’t do that

Please do not give that look to my son

Just because he bumped into you,

or dropped his spoon with a clatter,

or laughed too loud for your taste.

Why? how old were you when you were four?

What size were you? How loud were you?

What were you like before you learned to look down your snotty nose?

Didn’t you used to laugh before your mouth turned into that sour thin line?

Lighten up lady

He’s just a kid

And he’s got a fierce Mama Bear


Wid Kattan


Images retrieved from: