If I Were a Disney Princess..


If I were a Disney princess..

I’d be..




I have walked backwards up an escalator (don’t ask)

Gotten caught in a revolving door (strangers rescued me)

Tend to bend down to pick up pens and other things I drop just in time to miss a signpost or an air conditioner protruding from a wall.

Got hit on the head (twice) by boom barriers at the entries of parking lots.

Once I waved my arms so wildly while talking at a restaurant that everyone at my table gasped. I thought they were excited by my story-telling skills, but no; they were looking at the poor terrified waitress behind me as she backed away instead of taking the risk of serving my soup.

I slip on the snow like it’s a type of sport I invented, I get lost more than your keys, and I’m forever looking for the glasses perched on my nose.

I usually have 3 choices in what I call my Goofy Situations:

A.Quickly check to see if anyone saw (they always do).

B. Pretend nothing happened and walk gracefully with my head held high. Can’t do it because what usually happens is:

C.I burst out laughing at myself, and drop something else, or fall again.

I Also cannot order delivery food on the phone, I have driving stories and cooking stories ( but no one has ever gotten hurt  in the passenger seat or at my kitchen table, you’ll be relieved to know, thank God)

But those are all stories..

goofy.pngfor other posts..

on other days..

A girl has to preserve some dignity.

Even if she is a Princess Goofy.

Wid Kattan

Image: http://www.wrlsweb.org/wonewoc/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/tiara-pic.jpg

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