Pop the Bubbles


I work in Women’s Mental Health. I see depressed mothers all the time. What amazes me is the isolation and shame these women live in, each in her lonely bubble-the borders of which are an illusion. In reality, each woman  is connected to all the other mothers around her who feel the same. But they are all too ashamed and too afraid to say it: I’m not happy. I don’t feel anything for this baby. I feel irritated with this baby. I feel like a terrible mother, a failure. I just want to sleep….. I just want my life back.

So, this is my message to them, my own confession:


Pop the bubbles

Prison cells

Let them coalesce

Join our hands

Share the space

So we suffer less




Tell the truth:

When baby cries

I want to run away

To my old life

To my old self

Admit: don’t want to stay




Here’s a secret

So well hidden

Really, it’s ok

We’re just too guilty

Scared to say

We all felt the same way




‘Til we get help

And find ourselves

And love ourselves again

Then love our children

enjoy them too

Just how it should have been


Wid Kattan

Note: perinatal depression affects around 15% of mothers. That’s not a small number. It could happen to anyone. It as nothing to do with the quality of who you are, and has nothing to do with how much you truly love your child.

Image: http://www.todaysparent.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/TP01_AOH_Article.jpg


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