Depression is like death

it can visit anyone

And if it visits you

You can’t really hide or run



don’t think that you’re immune

or it will prove you wrong

pay you a visit soon

So you’ll recognize this song



Say she was right

Depression’s true

but no one ever said

How dark and lonely

were its walls

how empty cold and dead



We did tell you

but you  said: lies!

it’s  all just in your head



Snap out of it!

and exercise!

no drama!

thats what you said



I truly do not wish

upon you such a state

but please don’t judge me if

depression is my fate


It hit me just like that

out of the freaking blue

And just as it hit me

it could well hit you too



Please,  the depressed are dealing with enough without being told they are weak.

Depression can happen to anyone.



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