What was that?!

The park bench is moving

No, a man

A big grizzly man

With glazy eyes

Walking towards me

Shoot! Shoot! shoot!

I should have listened to my friends

Telling me not to go out at 5 am

But it’s so early

.. or so late

No one around

Still dark

Stupid stupid stupid!


Walk calmly

Throw back hood to increase peripheral vision

Head phones out

Can I use them as a cord?


Flight, fight, or freeze?

Stand still and scream?

Hold breath and run?

I’m not a screamer

Might be a runner

Definitely a freezer

And fight? You must be kidding

My black belt is an expired joke

Can’t look over my shoulder

Or break into a run

Cuz then

The chase is on, right?

But I don’t now if he’s miles away

Or breathing down my neck

Pray pray pray

Don’t want to be in the news today

I look over my shoulder

He’s back there

Far away now

By the park bench



I’ll stop going for these reckless walks at 5 am




It’s getting too cold anyway



Sigh,  the thing is,  I Relish my walks at dawn. Though I don’t want to stupidly invite my death, these walks…they just fill me up with life.


that moment..


I wish..

I could hover

In that moment

Before the break of dawn

Not in slumber

Yet not awake

On the tips

Of a feather’s swan

I wish..

I could glide

On that liminal space

To where you and I were drawn

To save just..

a moment

Of our love



Before it was all gone



Writer’s Block



comes to mind

as I try to spell it out

How to traverse

this block?

how do I go about?

putting to words

the words

that insist to stay inside

just within reach

just out of grasp

just  round the bend they hide

know how it is?

they tease you

dangle at your tongue’s tip

when before

they dangled closer

to your typing fingertips

though  talented

and good

you’d better Mind the Gap

That every artist falls through

whoops, here I go:

same trap!


Wid Kattan

Mind the Gap





It’s supposed to snow this week. I’ve been putting off this poem, but it’s time.

Winter’s coming.


I feel my heart fall

 as the leaves fall

in my last fall

in Montreal

I feel my heart break

It’s so high stakes

wish time would slow

To a crawl

It’s my last shot

In the pool game

It’s the black one

Eight- ball

But I’m going home

To remake a home

I won’t be alone

After all

Still it’s so unknown

Though it’s called my own

Have faith, close your eyes














Wid Kattan

Crossing-gaurd’s smile



The little things are the big things.

Whatever comes from the heart, touches others.

You never know which smile, or word or hello, will brighten up a day, or ease a heavy heart.

I think of all these things when I see the crossing guard at my children’s school.

Thank you Len!



Every day you stand

Help them cross the busy street

Bring them safely to the shore

On their busy kid-feet



Back and forth you walk

retrace your steps for miles

Across the intersection

Always sending out your smiles



Smiles that reach your  laughing eyes

And brighten up their days

And ease our parent-minds

In many many ways



Thank you!

Birthday Wish




My birthday’s coming up this May

I’d like a jelly Fish

or a mermaid tail

or fairy wings

it never hurts to wish




Or a unicorn or a pegasus

Or hair as blue as seas

Of shimmering waves

A waterfall

that tumbles to my knees




Although I’m shy to tell you

These are my favourite things

I’d love just a birthday wish

Or what your friendship brings




My favourite flowers

Are peonies

Of the softest

Pinkish white




My food

is peanut butter

I’ll savour

Every bite




My colour

is turquoise green

For my sore eyes

such a sight




My time of day

is dawn

Just at the break

of light




My city

is Madina

Home to

the Prophet’s flight




My perfume:

Hypnotic poison

Scent darker

than the night




I doubt that you’ll remember

But I’m hoping that you might

Send me a thought

Or gift or wish

I’ve helped you get it right 😉


Wid Kattan


Image: gelly fish



Dreams of Arabian Nights



Lofty dreams

that grew

on palm trees

in the desert dunes




For me

came to fruition

far away

where pigeons croon




Here by the canal

In Montreal

This is where

I started to write





those dreams

and found my voice

and found my fire

…and fight




soon returning home

with a torch of light

to burn through

my Arabian nights



Wid Kattan


Image: torch


Sometimes we hesitate so much, between two choices, not realizing that by doing nothing, we actually make a choice. We choose the Third Choice. Often the worst choice. We choose to lose both initial options, and sometime, ourselves.


One foot

on either side

Of the great divide

That is gaping

ever wide

I must decide

Which side?

For to hesitate

Is to fall through

To hesitate

Is suicide



Wid Kattan


8 sketches, 8 hats

My home page as you can see in this link  shows the many hats  I wear. There are many facets to me, and to you and you and you. When our similar facets face each other, light is reflected back, we recognize our common human-ness. Stereotypes and racism no longer makes sense, because we are too complex, and too similar. If you see me as a human being, as a mother, as a professional, as an artist, it’s hard to fixate on that one facet that may disturb you: my religion or colour or race or name.

I think the whole idea behind my blog is to relate to people. To help you see behind the hats or veils I and you and you and you wear. To help us see each other. In today’s world, this one thing, this capacity to see each other may be the only thing that can save us.

Read more in the About me/us page


How dare you

violenceToday is the international day for the elimination of violence against women.This is the voice I wish women could find in themselves.

I find it shocking that anyone could harm a woman at all, let alone a pregnant woman. Is there anything more sacred than a pregnant woman?

yet shockingly, the number one cause of death for pregnant women, at least in one study, was violence! See below



How dare you

Raise your hand to me

How dare you

Touch a hair




On my  coiffed head!

my hairdo!

Do you think

That I am scared?




You say

You didn’t mean it

You say it

Like I care




The first time

Is the hardest

So you’ll surely

again dare




You lost me

Before it landed

Your fist

still in mid-air




You touched me once

That was our end

Touch me again

You’ll end I swear



And do you know how much I paid to get my hair done?

Stupid bully💪🏻