Halloween this morning

On our way to school this morning.

My son: Gasp! Mama!




I just saw..

a big tall man!

his face was eerie green!




Yes sweetie,

You’ll see strange things today

Today is Halloween




And there’s a girl!

with purple eyes!

a purple mouth!

and long black cape!




and there’s a gargoyle!

with it’s horns!

scary stuff in town

There’s no escape




From the grade-one-ers

to the high-schoolers

to the principal

of the school




Who was dressed

as the frosty snow queen

her lips blue

and gaze so cool




And they’re all

just getting started

it’s not yet

8 a.m!




What will happen

I wonder

when night falls?

when they all break loose?



I need more coffee..



Image:  https://goo.gl/images/njUIq1




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