Who are “THEY”?


Please, someone tell me

Enlighten me

Please explain to me

Who are “THEY”?



And why do we all

Care so much


What they will say?



Do they sit

In mighty towers,

And write rules

Night and day?



Who selected them?

Who put them on

The committee, anyway?



Come here

Come close

A secret..

I’ll tell you who they are..



They’re me and you

Backstabbers too

This joke has gone too far



By following,

Their silly rules

You’ll never be the star



Just do your thing

Just find your way

And just be who you are


Wid Kattan

Image retrieved from: old nightmares that don’t scare me anymore

Radical Authenticity


4 thoughts on “Who are “THEY”?

  1. They, are them..
    Everybody and none..
    Power lays in their anonymity..
    Fear of the unknown and uncertainty..
    Spreading by chatters and tales..
    Their rules, their play..
    Pulling on the strings of the lost..
    Prying on the minds of the weak..
    Praying the immatures never grow..
    Don’t underestimate the power of they..
    Un easy at night, they shall keep you awake..


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