Dr.Captain Awesome-Pants


OK, all psychiatrists know that grandiosity is a defence mechanism to protect oneself from their fears. Well, I’m terrified of failing my licensing  exam, and I shamelessly admit that I am choosing GRANDIOSITY as a defence to get me through. Friends, I need all the support I can get here, so please like if you think I can pass this test!

L, thank you for telling me to tell myself to be Doctor Captain Awsome-Pants!

I love it. your pep talk today, inspired this poem.

This poem recounts medical algorithms and rules In The Style Of poetry

You know what’s coming up?

My practical exam

In all of med and surgery

It’s really time to cram




It’s not an easy one, this one

But I think I stand a chance

If I tell myself that I will be

Doctor Captain Awesome-Pants




It’s been long since I really did

Full head to toe exams

But I’m going to do my best that day

So here it is, my plan:




I won’t say: please call Trauma!

Right now! fast as can be!

Cuz who’s the trauma team, Wid?

Oh shoot! I guess it’s me




What types of bleeding are there?

I won’t forget, I won’t!

There’s bleeding you can see

And bleeding that you don’t




What shocks kill trauma patients?

Those that bleed or will obstruct

Compress, reduce, or tournequet

Chest tubes, X-rays conduct



Glasgow, Apgars, ABCs

I’ve got them to the letter

If you are bleeding on the ground

Think I can make it better




Looks like appendicitis

If I have a tiny doubt

I’ll call Gen Surg, my brave old friends

And they will take it out




Wid, please remember, say your name

And smile and wash your hands

Explain what you are thinking

On patients’ right must stand




In every case, do vitals

Inspect, palpate, percuss

And auscultate, and be polite

And get the patients’ trust




Whatever case scenario

Play cool for goodness sake

As Captain Doctor Awesome-Pants

This quiz? A piece of cake



In The Style Of


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