Breast Cancer


My friend Nour Albar battled breast cancer and passed away in 2015. There are so many people who have more right to miss her than I do, but I think there is enough empty space left by her passing for us all to share.


You and I

We are sisters


Walking parallel paths

That sometimes magically cross

Both top of the class

Both chose psychiatry

Both accepted at McGill

Both had a “Mariam”



Our recognition was instant

I have no doubt we were kindred spirits

In another life

Yet you were always better than me

Ahead of me

Proud of you,

I tried to catch up

Follow in your footsteps

Make you proud too

But I never thought

You’d pick up speed so fast

So soon

All the way to the finish line

And to heaven



We’ve met in two cities

In two lives

I hope to see you in the next

So we can finally

Just sit together

And talk

Like soulmates

Like sisters

Hoping to join you when my time’s up too.



Visit Noor’s blogs and pray for her:





الله يرحمك يا نور ويرفع درجتك في عليين و يجمعنا في الغرفات آمنين


2 thoughts on “Breast Cancer

  1. Lovely poem!

    الله يرحم نور ويغفرلها ويجعلها في جنات النعيم. كانت صبورة بوشوشة وراضية بقضاء الله وقدره يارب اغفرلهم وارحمها يارب و ادخلها الفردوس الاعلى وارزقها شفاعة النبي عليه افضل الصلاة والسلام


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