Sticky Situation




Sticky situation

Beyond imagination

Involving mom’s turquoise goo



Silly magic putty

Really wasn’t funny

Sticking to my hair like glue



Don’t sleep with it at night

Don’t let the bedbugs bight

Dad told me, but I didn’t hear



Woke up with putty in my hair

Blue and furry like a bear

A vision to instill some fear



I started to cry

But knew it was ok

When I saw mom’s laughing eyes



We’ll get it out don’t worry

Although we have to hurry

We’ll be late to school, but let’s try



One day you’ll laugh about this

She said as she removed

One sticky blue piece at a time



And even as she did

I saw that it was funny

And together we made this poem rhyme



A true story

Published with the permission of : Omar, 5.

Image also approved (after revisions) by Omar, 5.


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