Gallop Rhythm 



I love horses. They are brave and resilient, and healing to man. Try getting on a horse’s back next time you’re lost or your heart is broken. See where it takes you. It might take you home.

Palomino, bay

Whïtë or dapple gray

Chestnut, paint or black

with a starry forehead ray

Don’t know which colour mare

I’ll pick to ride today

Which path I’ll choose to take

Which winding twisted way

Don’t care which horse as long

as it kindly slows the pace

Of my flailing failing heart

That refuses but to race

Its gallop rhythm beat

A sure sign that it now fails

Though no one knows to ask

What’s hurting you? What ails?


Let’s not slow down

Ride on, don’t care

Go breakneck-speed

Both truth and dare

The truth is that

My heart’s not mine

It’s lost and gone

It’s so not fine

I want to ride

Without a care

To live or die

That part’s the dare

If my time is near

then, I’ll live each breath

and let my failing heart

beat itself


to death

Note: a gallop rhythm is a true medical sign of a failing heart. If you listen closely, you will hear, instead of the usual two heart sounds, three sounds that mimic the gallop of a horse’s hooves. A gallop to its death.

Image: Me and Hawlk-eye on Lake Earie



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