If you have never been out at dawn

you have not lived

How else would you ever dance

with the fairies in the woods

to the sound of rustling leaves

or to your own rock music, if you wish


How else would you go

for a swim in the sea

and sing

the siren songs of mermaids


How else

could you tip your head back

and pretend to be embraced under the stars


And have imaginary conversations

(yes, out-loud)

with people who have hurt you

or who are gone forever


How else would you cry

to the sincere coos of pigeons

rather than the fake “so there’s”

of the people

who will rise with the sun

when your alone, alive,


time is up


You think sleeping in is delicious

Believe me

Being alive at dawn is so much more


I’ve shared a secret

I won’t tell you again

Wouldn’t want to find you all there….


….next time I go dancing in the woods


Photo retrieved from: My memories of dawn


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