Be a wall


The big blue chart drops under my nose where I’m sitting

Right on top of the notes I am writing.

Lucky for me I move my hand  just in time to save my fingers from being crushed

“Dr. K, you forgot to write the discharge orders for Mr. So and so.”

The round old nurse huffs and puffs and peers down at me from over her glasses.


I see

I’m getting “the look”

Good. I’m in the mood for a fight

I do my regal head lift,

followed by the arched left brow


I can give “the look” too


“Mr. So and so is not my patient. He’s one of the Staff’s patients. Dr.M  is gone from the ward for the day, and you know how he hates to be paged when he’s doing his procedures”.

“I’m willing to help though..

…if you ask nicely”

I smile up sweetly

Ok, not so sweetly


“I’m sorry”

“No problem, there you go, all done”

“Thank you”

“You are most welcome”


And  since then

me and her

we get along just fine

Dear students, interns, residents, dear everybody,

Remember,  you teach people how to treat you. People walk on doormats, so don’t lie down and just take it. Stand up. Nobody can walk over a wall.



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