Be a wall


The big blue chart drops under my nose where I’m sitting

Right on top of the notes I am writing.

Lucky for me I move my hand  just in time to save my fingers from being crushed

“Dr. K, you forgot to write the discharge orders for Mr. So and so.”

The round old nurse huffs and puffs and peers down at me from over her glasses.


I see

I’m getting “the look”

Good. I’m in the mood for a fight

I do my regal head lift,

followed by the arched left brow


I can give “the look” too


“Mr. So and so is not my patient. He’s one of the Staff’s patients. Dr.M  is gone from the ward for the day, and you know how he hates to be paged when he’s doing his procedures”.

“I’m willing to help though..

…if you ask nicely”

I smile up sweetly

Ok, not so sweetly


“I’m sorry”

“No problem, there you go, all done”

“Thank you”

“You are most welcome”


And  since then

me and her

we get along just fine

Dear students, interns, residents, dear everybody,

Remember,  you teach people how to treat you. People walk on doormats, so don’t lie down and just take it. Stand up. Nobody can walk over a wall.



My Veil



Let me get this straight
I can cover my head..
If I’m a surgeon,
cancer patient,
Or a bride
In sports like diving,
Or fencing..
Hair can hide
But I can’t veil it
Cuz I’m modest
…or just shy?
You say:
it’s for your freedom
But you lie!!
Come on
Admit it
But look me in the eye
It’s about the
“Them” versus  “Us”
The great divide
When you strip off her clothes
You are liberating her?!
No! her liberty
Is letting in her decide!
Go ahead. Strip her
And you’ll see defiance
You’ll know her pride                          Wid Kattan
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Outer Layers

My Trauma


If I speak of it, will it swell?

If I bring it forth, will it dwell?

To examine it, re-imagine it

is torture, a kind of hell

But to hold it in, makes the void within

an Echoing bottomless well

Should I carry it?

and just bury it?

Should I keep it in?

Or tell?                                              Wid Kattan

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I’ve come to accept that I’ll die

With so many books- and children

yet inside me


Never to see light of day

Never once meant to stay

Not to be left for the world

behind me
I’m content that I’ve one

And another I’ve begun

That much at least is not

denied me
Those inside me still

I will love as well

And hold close

When buried with me

inside me                                    Wid Kattan

My Turqoise


I’m no one’s pink silhouette

Tired of society’s etiquette

I have a name and a face

I have a voice, yeah you bet


I’m going to walk tall again

I’m going to wear my turquoise blue

I couldn’t care any less

If it’s too bright for the likes of you


See, I’ve tried to conform

Tried to curtesy, smile and twirl

But I have to stand up for me

And more so for my baby girl


For she will do as I do

Kids never do as you say

And I’ll teach her to be true

To her true colors all the way


Mimi, I’m so excited for you to find your own turquoise.

Love, Mama.                                     Wid Kattan



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The Woman Who Stands Before You


Let me tell you something about me

About the type of woman who stands before you

I’m a straight-arrow one

A no-nonsense one

A loyal one- to the bone
Don’t take my kindness for seduction

Nor My smile as invitation

If you make that mistake

…your loss

You’ll lose what I was willing to offer for free
Not my body

Something much more valuable to you

If only you knew

I’d have given you light and wisdom and warmth and safety

And a rare kindness

I’d have taught you all I know
All you had to do

Was show some respect

For my boundaries

My values

For who I am                                    Wid Kattan

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Mother of Boys



I’m used to messy rooms
And floors scattered with toys
Used to stickers on walls
And the clatter of noise
I know all about paintings
Done in blues and turquoise
about  blocks tumbling down
With one slam that destroys
About ice cream and rainbows
and a million small joys
That make life so full
See, I’m a mother of boys
Wid Kattan
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The Patter of Rain


Soaking wetrain
Pouring rain
Plastered hair
Such a pain

Not exactly
Where I wanna be
Get me home right now
Fast as can be

Click,Stomp, squelch, slam, sigh: Finally!

Cosy cabin
crackling fire
warm pyjamas
just out of the dryer

My favorite book
Hot coco so sweet
Looking through the window
At the puddly street

It’s comforting now
That patter of rain
Soothing, cosy, nice
Not at all a pain


Wid Kattan


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